I am a visual artist and multidisciplinary designer based in Amsterdam.

My personal work explores the abstract rendition of daily life. I am driven by the tension between simplification of complexity and the recreation of a symbolic visual vocabulary. My style involves bold colours and impactful compositions.

As a designer, I specialise in editorial projects and text-heavy websites. My aim is to create compelling visual identities with a focus on online reading. I wear many hats and have been working successively as a print designer, web designer, developer and brand designer for various clients.
I work(ed) among others with Lava, Lust, Archis, Ace & Tate, The European Review of Books, Institute of Network Cultures, PublishingLab, Mind The Facts.

I graduated from École Estienne (Paris) and hold a Master in Graphic Design from Arts Décoratifs/HEAR (Strasbourg). In 2015, I wrote a Master Thesis on the influence of web on book design; it was presented and pre-selected for Prix Pierre Pfimlin.

Don't hesitate to drop me a line for any question or collaboration
hello at lenarobin.com

Typeface "Hedvig Letters" by Kanon Foundry
Design and development by myself